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A Rifle and a Bag

We are thrilled to be co-presenting with Reel Asian for  The 24th Edition Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival India, Italy, Qatar, Romania | 2020 | 89 min | Gondiya, Madiya, Hindi with English subtitles...

Erdem Taşdelen: A Minaret for the General’s Wife

The starting point for Erdem Taşdelen’s commissioned work is a little-known architectural oddity located in the Lithuanian city of Kėdainiai, approximately 120 km from the capital Vilnius. Built in 1880 and restored in 2007,...

Cultural Suppression and Revival

SAVAC is pleased to co-present this panel discussion with TPFF that will explore these implications and other attempts to suppress Palestinian arts and culture, and artists who support Palestinian human rights.


Nasir by Arun Karthick 2020 | India/Netherlands/Singapore | Tamil with English subtitles | 78 minutes | Toronto Premiere நாசிர் | அருன் கார்த்திக் 2020 | இந்தியா/ நெதர்லாந்து / சிங்கபூர்| தமிழ், ஆங்கில துணை உரையுடன்| 78 நிமிடம்|  டொரோன்டொ...

Ishtar’s International Network of Feral Gardens

SAVAC is pleased to present Ishtar’s International Network of Feral Gardens, a playful, experimental food sovereignty initiative. Dedicated to encouraging the cultivation of feral gardens and building an international artists network of out-of-the-box food systems,...

Nimtoh (Invitation)

Nimtoh (Invitation) by Saurav RaiINDIA, 2019, DIGITAL, 85 MIN, NEPALI Presented by Images FestivalCo-presented by SAVAC, MUBI, AGO, Sanghum Film Series and the Toronto Nepali Film Festival Live Stream Set in a remote mountain village that lies...

My Lovely Lunarite

Presented by the Images FestivalCo-presented by SAVAC, aluCine Latin Film + Media Arts Festival, Sanghum Film Series and Sur GalleryWatch via Live Stream A “lunarite” refers to the rocks that make up bright portions of...

2020 AGM

Please join us in celebrating a remarkable year of art, community and bureaucracy! We are gearing up for another paper-filled year. We can’t wait to give you a sneak peak into our plans at the...

The Loudspeaker and the Tower

In partnership with Trinity Square Video and CONTACT Photography Festival, we are pleased to present The Loudspeaker and the Tower featuring works by artist Manar Moursi. Through an immersive environment constructed of coloured lights,...

P. Mansaram: The Medium is the Medium is the Medium

The exhibition The Medium is the Medium is the Medium presents works by media artist P. Mansaram and thinks through the artist’s decades-long practice of repetition.

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