The Visual Arts Studio

4 May - 8 May 1994
Visual Arts Studio 96 Spadina Avenue (Toronto)

The Visual Arts studio provides a space where artists of South Asian origin can come together and share their art practices with other artists, cultural producers, and the public. The artists of the studio bring with them their unique experiences, varied practices and approaches to the creation of visual art. The sharing of information and insight is crucial to the personal development of the artist and the development of our arts community. The Visual Arts Studio hopes to encourage public participation by inviting them to become and pick up a magnifying glass, to watch and artist at work, to follow the transformation from clay to pottery, and to speak with the artists about their work. Participating artists included:

Ayisha Abraham (US)
Sheherezade Alam (Toronto)
Neena Arora (Toronto)
Allan deSouza (US)
Geevan (Toronto)
Ameen Gill (Vancouver)
Rachel Kalpana James (Toronto)
Debi Ray-Chaudhuri (US)
Shamina Senaratne (Vancouver)

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