Tracing Language: A Drawing Workshop

Saturday, August 11, 2012
East Scarborough Storefront 4040 Lawrence Ave. E Scarborough, ON M1E 2R2

Join SAVAC, East Scarborough Storefront and Cedar Ridge for a two day art-making workshop.

Workshops will focus on experiences with the use of multiple languages. Using visual art we will focus discussions around the role of language within and beyond an immigrant experience.

What does language give you access to, where does it hinder you?
How does language help you relate, retell, reassert?
How is language replaced, reinvented, reinvigorated?
Where has language played a pivotal role in your experiences, when has it seemed unnecessary?

Come join us for an intergenerational workshop. We encourage participants from all ages, and particularly urge grandparents to come share their stories. Facilitators will be available to help translate for Tamil and Bengali speakers.

We encourage participants to attend both sessions, if possible, since the workshop is designed to be continuous across the two days.  If a participant can only attend one session, please specify in your registration request. 

Register for workshops by visiting the Storefront or calling the front desk at 416-208-9889 ext.21

Deadline for registrations: 8 August 2012 

* Workshop is FREE for Participants

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