Spaceless Place

January 2017
KAPSULA Magazine Digital Launch

In partnership with KAPSULA Magazine

We are thrilled to present a collaborative special issue of Kapsula Magazine that explores the notion of “spaceless place”—an identity unbound to fixed geographical location. Throughout its 22 years of operation, SAVAC has worked without a gallery space, opting instead to work in collaboration with other artist-run centres, museums, organizations, etc. to host its programming. Taking into consideration SAVAC’s signature “spaceless” model and its dedication to supporting South Asian artists, writers in this issue engage with SAVAC’s archives to reflect on the theme in connection with past programming. The issue features text by Marina Fathalla, Nadia Kurd, Kohila Kurunathan, Sandy Saad and Rajee Paña Jeji Shergill that explore the significance of location and belonging to South Asian and diasporic artists in Canada and abroad and consider topics such as:

  • The significance of location and/or belonging to South Asian and diasporic artists
  • The aesthetics of lost, invisible, or unreachable places
  • The creation of alternative spaces through collaborative engagements
  • Building alliances through art practice
  • The act of reclaiming space in contemporary art
  • Recognizing micro-communities that exist within wider communities
  • Marginalized spaces as sites of empowerment and resistance
  • SAVAC’s place in relationship to Canada’s wider artist-run ecology

This special release of SPACELESS PLACE is the first issue published under KAPSULA’s new publishing model. After three years of monthly publishing, the magazine has transitioned to a less-frequent publishing model composed of partnerships and special projects. Special issues of KAPSULA have been created in collaboration with OCAD University’s Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Art Histories (CADN) Masters of Arts program, University of Waterloo Art Gallery, Art History Graduate Student Association of York University, and Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography.

KAPSULA recommends downloading the PDF and reading it with Adobe Acrobat Reader for optimal compatibility and full engagement with active texts and images.

“Spaceless Place.” KAPSULA Magazine, Issue 2.1 (2017)

KAPSULA Magazine is a network-driven publication dedicated to engaged, evaluative art writing. Entirely digital, the publication explores formats exclusive to web-based documents and aims to advance online art publishing through experimentation and collaboration.


Digital Launch

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