Sentiment Express

9-14 Feb 2002
The Loftus Lloyd Cafe 401 Richmond St. W (Toronto)

Co-presented by WARC and Mercer Union

Opening Lecture with Shilpa Gupta
WARC, 401 Richmond St. W., Suite 122
9 Feb 2002, 2pm

…since you are too busy to send a handwritten letter nowadays, you can do so here! Just speak your emotions into the microphone and the rest will be taken care of. Your letter will be handwritten, scented and mailed to the person of your choice. It will be processed in Bombay, which has 16 million people and a lot of unemployment, so lots of cheap skilled labor to do work such as this.

This project draws on the business of creating and nourishing Theco-coolies, and was developed for the Century Cities exhibition at the Tate Modern, London in February 2001.

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