Questioning Canada at Regent Park Film Festival

3 Nov 2011

SAVAC is proud to be a community partner for the Questioning Canada screening programme at the 9th Annual Regent Park Film Festival.

Two narratives – from two different points in time – peer into Canada’s history-making policies and their effect on immigrant families determined to establish familial roots and contribute to the building of the country. One documentary, Beyond the Garden’s Wall, presents yesterday’s xenophobia in Tod Inlet, B.C., directed at migrant workers from China and India. The other, My Father the Terrorist? is one filmmaker’s intimate exploration into Canada’s treatment of its Muslim citizens, bolstered by a meandering war on terror.

Panel discussion with Safiya Randera and Sangeetha Navaratnam following the screening.

Beyond the Gardens’ Wall
Dir: David R. Gray, Grayhound Productions
Documentary | 30:00 min | Canada | 2010

My Father the Terrorist?
Dir: Safiya Randera
Documentary | 41:10 min| Canada | 2010


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