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Nour Bishouty: Nothing is lost except nothing at all except what is not had

Co-produced with Gallery 44 401 Richmond St W #120, Toronto, ON M5V 3A8, Canada This exhibition, Nour Bishouty’s first solo show in Toronto, centres on an oil painting made by her late father, Ghassan...

We Have Not Come Here To Die by Deepa Dhanraj

Co-presentation with Rendezvous with Madness film festival and Cinema Politica Online programming Tickets can be found here.  As part of SAVAC’s ongoing efforts to highlight the struggles of marginalized peoples across South Asia, we...

Still Indian? Shooting Indians: A Journey with Jeffrey Thomas by Ali Kazimi 

Co-Production with Reel Asian and imagineNATIVE Online programming This fall, SAVAC presents Still Indian?, a film and conversation program produced in collaboration with Reel Asian and imagineNATIVE film festivals. The program highlights Ali Kazimi’s...

Drifting with the Summer Tides

SAVAC is pleased to present the 14th edition of MONITOR, our award-winning program of experimental films and videos. Monitor 14 is curated by Rasha Salti

2021 AGM

You are invited to SAVAC’s 2021 Annual General Meeting. Meet staff, board members and learn more about what we are planning for 2021. Every year the board is elected at the Annual General Meeting,...

Erdem Taşdelen: A Minaret for the General’s Wife

The starting point for Erdem Taşdelen’s commissioned work is a little-known architectural oddity located in the Lithuanian city of Kėdainiai, approximately 120 km from the capital Vilnius. Built in 1880 and restored in 2007,...

P. Mansaram: The Medium is the Medium is the Medium

The exhibition The Medium is the Medium is the Medium presents works by media artist P. Mansaram and thinks through the artist’s decades-long practice of repetition.

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