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We shape our image and thereafter our image shapes us

By Jacob Korczynski “There is something to confess: your speaker likes to leave a movie theater. Back out on the more or less empty, more or less brightly lit sidewalk (it is invariably at...

Bitter Seeds

SAVAC is proud to be a co-presenter for Planet in Focus film festival's screening of "Bitter Seeds" (Dir. Micha X Peled, 88min, 2011, Marathi and English).  This film follows journalist Manjusha through her investigation...

Art Toronto 2012: Focus Asia

SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre) is proud to be one of the presenters at the Toronto International Art Fair, Focus Asia. We will highlight the works of member Heidi McKenzie, Eshan Rafi, Joshua...

Methodical Mergers: A Juried Members’ Exhibition

Methodical Mergers presents works that are arduous and contemplative, through which themes of diaspora merge with new ways of examining South Asian economies, politics and culture. Featuring artwork by Smriti Mehra, Tharmila Rajasingam, Asma...

The House of the Unexpected

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler will be artists-in-residence at the Blackwood Gallery at the University of Toronto Mississauga this fall. The House of the Unexpected examines questions of race, class, gender, labour and language...

Rekha Ramachandran: Mythmaking

Mythmaking is a body of work in progress, exploring Rekha Ramachandran own experiences and identity as a women of mixed heritage. It is part of a larger continuum of work in which she attempts...

Ma Khusi Chu (I am Happy)

17 March, 2012. Session C, 7pm. Innis Town Hall, Toronto. SAVAC is happy to be a community partner for the screening of Ma Khusi Chu (I am Happy) at the third annual Toronto Nepali Film Festival.

Tracing Language: A Drawing Workshop

Join SAVAC, East Scarborough Storefront and Cedar Ridge for a two day art-making workshop. Workshops will focus on experiences with the use of multiple languages. Using visual art we will focus discussions around the...

I am

SAVAC is proud to be a community partner for Toronto's premiere screening of Sonali Gulati's I Am, and the release of the second edition of Vivek Shraya's book God Loves Hair followed by Q...

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