SAVAC Community Picnic 2024

Saturday, June 8, 2024
Christie Pits Park, Toronto

We’re inviting the SAVAC community to commune with the sun, eat some snacks, play some badminton, and be together. SAVAC is committed to creating spaces that hold our grief, rage and love for each other. As a part of Ishtar’s International Network of Feral Gardens, the theme for this year’s community picnic is something to do with our hands when words don’t suffice. 

Whether it is the painstakingly peeled pomegranate when you have a tummy ache, that mysterious hand that enters the zoom screen with freshly sliced apples or pears, crates of alphonso mangoes obtained from the back of a mini-vans in shady suburban parking lots, or that passionfruit that helps you be with the ones lost along the way- nothing declares love like an offering of fruit. Fruits offer us a way to relate to one another and can transport us to other lands. Fruits can provide us with solace, connection, and a simple task with a beautiful reward at the end. We invite you to bring your favourite fruit to share with others.

When words don’t suffice, we gather, take out our feelings and knead dough, roll out our roti and naan, bake our manakeesh and taboon. For this year’s picnic, Palestine Bakeshop will be baking fresh flatbreads and pizzas in the Christie Pits wood-burning pizza oven. We will provide the base, you bring toppings to make some creative pizzas and dips for the bread. 

Feel free to bring whatever brings you comfort and joy for a family picnic like blankets, games and drinks. We encourage you to bring plates and utensils to minimise waste and containers for leftovers!! 

Invite your friends and give us a shout at 1 (416) 542-1661 if you are having any trouble finding us.

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