26 Oct 2011
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SAVAC in partnership with TIFF presents Amit Dutta’s critically acclaimed second feature Nainsukh, which chronicles the life of the famous eighteenth­century Indian artist. The TIFF Free Screen welcomes artist and curator Oliver Husain to present the film. Dutta is one of the most prolific and exciting film artists to emerge from India in recent times; his style has been compared to that of the great Sergei Parajanov in its evocative fever­dream quality, its searing visual elisions and potent elementalism. Serene, studied but also pulsating with playful energy, the visually stunning Nainsukh, with its eye­popping colours, rich textures and clever use of drawings, demands to be seen on the big screen.

Oliver Husain is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Toronto. His website is

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