4-15 May 2004
Gallery 401 401 Richmond St. (Toronto)

Judy Cheung
Ashek Sakhawat
Jaret Vadera

A SAVAC exhibition for Contact 2004 and South Asian Heritage Month

Curated by Farheen HaQ and Cyrus Irani

SAVAC presents three photographers who reflect on the vibrancy, geometry and amorphous qualities of personal and public spaces. Viewers experience erratic nighttime incursions in the streets of Dhaka, acute patterns of human transit, and the erosion of an image until it is almost unrecognizable.


Judy Cheung‘s photographic work embodies abstract moments of engagement. The subjects are primarily people in transit in public spaces. Unexpected narrations are created by sequential images, slightly different motions, and by shifting the chronology of images.

Ashek Sakhawat‘s digital photos of nighttime traffic in the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh, bring the passage of time, movement and space together in vibrant, luminescent form.

Jaret Vadera’s photo-based paintings – from personal and public archives – creates visual experiences that allude to the fleetingness of memory and perception. They illuminate the way the mind constantly reconstructs experience through the process of interpretation.


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