Ghost Landing

17 November 2018 5:30PM - 7:30PM
Regent Park Film Festival 585 Dundas Street East, Toronto, ON M5A 2B7

How do severed architectures become sites of memory? How do Indigenous peoples and diasporic settlers come to occupy constructed landscapes as specters? This program explores human intimacies with transitory landscapes—built urban neighbourhoods and homes that have been razed, turned to relics or converted to newer structures—undergoing erosion and censure under forces of colonialism, racism, and financialization. SAVAC is pleased to co-present with a program of short films, Ghost Landing, at the Regent Park Film Festival with BLACK GOLD.

The program will be followed by a talkback with the directors in attendance. It will be screened  at Daniels Spectrum, which is an accessible venue. There is barrier-free access to the building via the Dundas Street entrance. Signage throughout the building in braille. All washrooms and drinking fountains are accessible. Feel free to contact Regent Park with any accessibility requests. For a full description of the RPFF program, please visit:

Content Advisory: 14A
This program contains mature subject matter, including some violent and sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Dir. Amanda Strong | Animation | Canada | 2016

In Four Faces of the Moon, we witness the impact and legacy of the railways, the slaughter of the buffalo and colonial land policies. This multi-layered approach to storytelling may leave you with more questions than answers: it is an invitation to look into your own understanding of history, legacy and the importance in knowing who you are and where you’re from.

Dir. Raoul Olou | Animation | 2018

An animated documentary on the history of the residents of Africville, a Black community that got displaced in Halifax, Canada during the 60s. Raoul Olou

Dir. Dana Inkster | Docufiction | Canada | 1999

This “docufiction” explores Africville, an African-Canadian neighbourhood in Halifax that was razed for “urban renewal” in the late sixties. Against a backdrop of archival footage of this neighbourhood under demolition unfolds a slice-in-time narrative set on the eve of destruction. Highlighted are three generations of women in an Africville family. Lushly photographed against brightly coloured settings, the film raises the question, not only of a lost community history, but also of lost sexual histories and identities.

Dir. Ayo Akingbade | Documentary | Canada | 2018

This documentary chronicles the life of Ghanaian housing activist Dora Boatemah and her influence on the regeneration of Angell Town Estate in Brixton, South London.

Dir. Rolla Tahir | Experimental | Canada | 2018

This experimental essay traces the exodus of a Sudanese family from Kuwait as a result of the Iraqi War, using 16mm, Super8 and video footage, excavated from various sources.

Dir. Mariam Zaidi | Documentary | UK | 2016

Shafiq Hoque works at a store in Toronto’s neighbourhood of Regent Park by day and drives an Uber at night. Trying to make ends meet while juggling two precarious jobs, he finds solace and strength in community.

Dir. George Annanack | Documentary | 2017

A poetic and contemplative film about an Inuk man hunting for northern lights with his camera.


Screening at Regent Park Film Festival

17 November 2018

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