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These Monsters are Real

The title of a 7” record by riot grrrl band Heavens to Betsy, “These Monsters are Real” conjures feelings of anxiety, fear and panic. While the reference to monsters elicits the realm of fiction...

Performing the Political

With the imminent entry of a fascist leader, India is entering one of the country’s darkest and most melodramatic political periods yet. India is often considered the biggest bully in South Asia, and the...

Streams, Torrents and Waves

By Nahed Mansour Streams, Torrents, and Waves brings together eleven video art works that speak to bodies in flow. Drawing on Arjun Appadurai’s notion of global flows, these videos examine bodies negotiating the various...

We shape our image and thereafter our image shapes us

By Jacob Korczynski “There is something to confess: your speaker likes to leave a movie theater. Back out on the more or less empty, more or less brightly lit sidewalk (it is invariably at...

The Object That Remains

By Ayesha Hameed These short films and videos rub against the grain of a common narrative about migration and globalization, where objects nostalgically connect us to places and times lost. Although it is perhaps...

Meandering Currents

by Richard Fung These ten short films and videos from South Asia and its diaspora meander like a river through ever-shifting landscapes. Along the way, new aesthetic contours are revealed. Familiar thematic territory is...

Mundane Catastrophes

By Mridu Chandra We are both sculptor and creature of our world. We construct our reality just as we are products of it. We process and consume, we contemplate and react, and we complicate....

The Idea of a Village

By Oliver Husain The village has been left behind. It doesn’t play a big role in official culture and economic decisions. The village which progress has forgotten is pushed out to the margins. Yet,...

Monitor 3

Monitor 3, SAVAC’s third annual screening of contemporary South Asian film and video offers a curated glimpse into the vast amount of work being created by South Asian artists internationally. The videos selected for...

Monitor 2

Monitor is SAVAC’s annual screening of short works by South Asian artists that showcase new directions in film and video. The shorts in this collection represent different artistic approaches that offer exciting new ways...

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