Asian Heritage Month Festival

6 May - 14 June 1997
University of Toronto, Scarborough

Mirroring 2000

Shelly Bahl
Yam Lau
Parvaneh Radmard

Curated by Zen Mix 2000

Reception: 17 May, 2-4pm
Mon. – Fri. 11-4
the gallery, U of T Scarborough

As a metaphor, the mirror is an invisible membrane, the slash or the in between space that simultaneously joins together and pulls apart differences which cannot reduced to a homogenized whole. The idea of ” Mirroring”, may denote a reflective process, yet it does not simply represent what is us given as what is already objectified. As the site of imaging, how are Asians reflected in contemporary Canadian Society? It is this Metaphoric element that three local artists will grapple with and contemplate its meaning, as the eve of a new millennium approaches.


Ramayana: A Vision Eternally Born Anew

Kiren Budhia

26 May – 20 June, 1997
Reception: 26 May, 6-8pm
Multicultural History Society, 43 Queen Park Crescent East.

An installation based on an Indian epic that refers to sensibility within Asiatic moral and ethical values.


Kiren Budhia is a Montreal based sculptor. His Indian heritage is the basis of complex multi-media sculpture/ installation work.

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