Safiya Randera


Safiya Randera is a multi-disciplinary artist primarily working within the fields of painting, experimental video and creative documentary. Randera has received international acclaim for her films My Father, the Terrorist? (2010), My Girl 2012 (2011), Health Status Survey (2000), and Jangri (1998). She has over a decade of experience as an independent director, producer and editor, addressing diverse topics such as disability, feminism and multiculturalism. In 2012 Randera broadened the scope of her visual art practice by incorporating the spiritual practices of her ancestors as well as learning from the Shipbo. Establishing a commitment to these traditions has lead to an indelible relationship with plant medicine. Randera has since been initiated into the medicine way and works as a channeller and energy healer. Her current thematic focus in the visual arts is an exploration of how we materialize the unseen through a connection to the plants and other spirits. Ongoing attempts to harness the mysteries of natures and inviting a public into an unseen, immersive and luminous world are key interests in her work.

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