Nicholas Dourado


Nicholas Dourado is a composer, artist and scientist whose work represents the confluence of their Konkani heritage, childhood study in European impressionist and romantic piano, graduate degree in engineering and ocean acoustics, and varied experience as a working creative musician. Nick is a disciple and faculty member of the Creative Music Workshop; a programme developed by Jerry Granelli that teaches embodiment and listening as the fundamentals of music. They have modeled their band, Budi, closely after Granelli’s esteemed ensembles that expand upon bebop and free jazz to include acoustic and synthetic voices and contemporary musical ideas. They have been touring and recording with a revolving cast of musicians playing in several styles, supporting new-age music pioneer Beverly Glenn-Copeland; as well as, Lido Pimienta, Aquakultre, Fiver and Special Costello. Their productions have been celebrated with multiple nominations for the Polaris Music Prize. Nick released their debut solo album with Budi, entitled “WORLD/GO/DUH” and continues to record under the auspices of You’ve Changed Records.

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