Anna Eyler is a multidisciplinary artist based in Montréal. In her work, Eyler reflects on contemporary ideas of the sacred. Her media-based installations question strict distinctions between interior/exterior, nature/technology, absence/presence, and cyclicality/linearity. According to theorist Jane Bennett, contemporary culture is widely understood to be devoid of a sense of “enchantment,” which is an experience of being “struck and shaken by the extraordinary that lives amid the familiar and the everyday.” Through the subversion of familiar forms and objects, Eyler aim to reinvigorate these sites of wonder within daily life. Eyler holds a BA in Religious Studies and Art History from Carleton University (2010) and a BFA from the University of Ottawa (2015). Recent awards include the Governor General’s Academic Medal (2010), the Jacqueline Fry Scholarship (2014), and the Artengine New Media Award for her graduate exhibition (2015). Her work will be shown in the upcoming two-person exhibition beyond différance, and now at Ace Art Inc. in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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