Against the Wall

9 May 1996
Gallery 401

Coordinated by Rachel Kalpana James and Pamila Matharu, Against the Wall is a gallery exhibit of multidisciplinary visual art by South Asian artists living in the Diaspora. A collective voice of transformation and reclamation is expressed by the artists as they explore aspects of identity in their struggles against various walls of oppression. It is an exhibition where different points of struggle and transformation are encountered in a maze-like setting, a simulation of the process we experience in our own journeys through life. There are 16 artists from Canada and the United States working in a variety of media including photography, painting, textile, ceramics and mixed media, including:

Ayisha Abraham
Surjit Bansal
Natasha Singh,
Alia Ghani Toor
Shelly Bahl
Ajay Dutta
Sutapa Majumdar
Sheherzade Alam
Sharon Fernandez
Neena Arora
with students from Turner Fenton Secondary School: Navdeep Bhatia, Paramdeep Kaur Judge, Apeksha Kumar, Farah Purewal and Sima Dinesh Shah

Workshop: The role of the South Asian Artists in Contemporary Art with Shelly Bahl
Friday, 12 May, 12-4pm
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Download the catalogue for Against the Wall here

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