ADA-DADA Residency

This residency begins by addressing today’s data-driven, device-oriented and networked economy.  The access, collection, and use of data as the building blocks for both digital and physical spaces, and its role in informing everyday “decisions, actions, and relations” underscores the material presence of data in daily life. As the market floods with so-called smart devices, where ubiquitous objects and data systems are now animated with connectivity within contemporary capitalist paradigms, the question of use becomes a central tenet of criticality and subversion. This residency asks how artists can begin to reclaim and reposition the data employed in devices, software and platforms as a form of counter-culture? What are the creative possibilities when the datafication of our behaviours, relationships, and spaces becomes the new material for articulating subversive and critical artistic gestures?

The ADA-DADA program, curated by Maria Alejandrina Coates, consists of a 6-8 week residency that offers participants a dedicated space for collaborative production, alongside a series of practical and theoretical workshops designed to engage with the materiality of data to support the creation of new work. Participants will be invited to think through the socio-polital implications of data usage across various applications, platforms and economic models, and to take up feminist and decolonial apporaches to data justice in their work. The program pays particular attention to the racial conditions of production for media-based works.

The program will be open to artists, activists, designers, and developers (among others) interested in exploring the role of data as material for cultural and artistic production. Follow the project on Twitter.

View the open call for ADA-DADA here.

This program is funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. 



2 December 2018

Call for Applications

24 September 2020

María Alejandrina Coates is a Uruguayan-born, Ontario-based media arts curator. Her research interests encompass technology, feminism and socially engaged art practices. Her curated exhibitions include Terraforming, presented by the South Asian Visual Arts Centre and Trinity Square Video (Toronto); Voz-a-Voz at YYZ Artists’ Outlet (Toronto); and Feelings, presented as part of the aluCine Latin Film and Media Arts Festival (Toronto). Coates received a bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia and a master’s degree in Art History and Curatorial Studies from York University (Toronto). She was previously held the position of Curator at e-fagia organization and is currently the Development Manager for the Pinnguaq Association.

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