Sharona Plakidas: Alter Piece

6 Jul - 3 Aug 1996
Mercer Union (window space) Toronto

Plakidas explores the bi-polarities of the profane and the sacred; of the circus tent and the church, with self portraits and a number of additional props such as a circus wagon and flying geese. The artists writes: “The devotional object becomes the exhibitionist subject and the site of worship becomes the enclosed space of a child’s fantasy”. In Plakidas’s work, the whimsical landscape adopts the site of an alter addressing issues of fear, expectation and ex-stasis.

Sharona Plakidas was born in Natal, South Africa in 1964 and is a Toronto based visual artist. She graduated form Parson School of Design in New York and has participated in numerous group exhibitions such as with the artists collective An Amazing Group of Artists (founding member) and the Hexotang Collective, She has also shown her work previously in conjunction with Desh Pardesh and she participates on their Visual Arts Committee.

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